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Our secret ingredient is a super-moisture absorbing compound that restores your skin's youthful radiance.


A word from Fernberry's happy customers...

The first whiff of blueberry gets my happy on, then it just keeps getting better as the fine granules scrub away into a heavenly creamy mousse. This is pure happiness in a tube.

Amanda M, Ireland

I have eczema so my hand's skin was very rough, but after using this magical cream, my hand became very soft and silky.

Wafa R, Makeup Blogger

I particularly love Mochi Lips - it coats your lips with a natural Yuzu sweetness that is both soothing and delicious.

Kevin S, Beijing

I give the foot cream as a gift to all my friends and always receive the same good comments from everyone!

Elsie L, Hong Kong

I love the fact that the fragrance of all the products is so understated yet refreshing and charming, I keep sniffing my hands after lathering the hand cream. I can't wait for their next product to come!

Adelaide T, London

Quick absorption if you have your feet damp. I've been using this every night for one month and I can see and feel a difference in my feet.

Rosa H, Spain

Made in the majestic rural lands of Japan


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