Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fernberry products suitable for all skin types?

All of our products are formulated for all skin types, genders, ages and ethnicities. However, if you have sensitive skin, please do a test on a small area of your skin prior to use.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients or soreness develops, stop using immediately and consult your doctor.

Other than that, the only thing you need is a love of luxurious, natural beauty products!

What is the secret / magic ingredient?

Ahhh, the secret ingredient... We're glad you asked.

Our entire product range contains a powerful secret ingredient we like to call Next Generation Hydration. This super-moisture ingredient, derived from Hyaluronic Acid, is clinically proven to absorb 1000 times its own weight in water, which helps to restore your skin's youthful radiance.

Think of this powerful ingredient like a professional swimmer's high-tech chamois towel that miraculously absorbs excess water from their body when they hop out of the pool. Next Generation Hydration acts in the same way, and turns your skin into a sponge that soaks up all that moisture it has absorbed.

Learn more about Next Generation Hydration here.

Where are Fernberry products made?

Fernberry products are made in close proximity to the pristine waters of the Yoshii River, near the famous Iwai Falls in the Okayama Prefecture. Its rural lands are a place of unspoiled natural beauty with deep green forests and the purest natural springs.

Find out why we chose this majestic place here (link)

What makes Fernberry products unique?

In addition to the use of our powerful secret ingredient in our entire range, we believe that what makes Fernberry products so special and unique, is our formulations. The special Japanese ingredients in our luxury beauty blends work together to achieve amazing results in replenishing your skin.

Our commitment to you is to bring the best natural ingredients together to create a dynamic interaction that provides truly unique beauty benefits.

So, just like your favorite cake from your favourite bakery, you can't replace Fernberry's formulations.

How are Fernberry products scented and do the scents have benefits?

Our products are scented with 100% essential oils. We believe that scents shouldn’t be just smells, we want to deliver aromatherapy benefits through our scents as well. While crafting our formulations, we tried different strengths of smell and eventually decided on a dosage of oil that we truly believe our users would enjoy, while also making sure the benefits are delivered. In other words, we didn’t want to just claim that there are aromatherapy benefits, we want them to be felt, so this is why our aromas may seem a little more noticeable.
The essential oils that we scent with are widely popular oils used in aromatherapy. These oils are intended to have striking aromas that are said to stimulate the nervous system to bring about uplifting, soothing effects. However, we do understand each person’s preferred dose of essential oil is different. Some users prefer diluted versions in their massage oils, while some users like to inhale 100% of pure oil directly or apply it to their temples for the oil’s maximum effect. There’s really no right or wrong way to use oils, it totally depends on the individual! 

Why are there only four products in the range?

Our Founder, Fern Koh, designs our formulations with the kind of careful attention to detail that creates an incredibly effective product. Fern's number one priority is to deliver complete safety and maximum hydration. This requires expertise and patience, which is why we focus on one product at a time, releasing it only when we know it will delight our customers.

It is this approach to product research and development that connects Fernberry with the Slow Movement.

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Why is Fernberry part of the Slow Movement?

The Slow Movement was created to give people a deeper connection with their surroundings, the things that they consume and their community. Our lives have become increasingly fast paced and technology continues to

advance at an overwhelming rate, which is why the Slow Movement advocates literally slowing things down and re-connecting with friends, family and the natural world.

It is Fernberry's mission to connect you to the powerful natural ingredients from the untouched rural lands of Japan, and give you a beauty experience of pure luxury.

Read more about the slow movement HERE (link)

Are your products unisex?

They certainly are! In fact, half of our customers are men and half are women. Luxury skincare is for everyone!

Why Japan?

In Japan, there is a culture of looking after your own well-being and that of others. This focus on care, coupled with the Japanese ethic of perfection and high quality, is why Fernberry has such a strong affinity with this majestic country.

The 100% natural Japanese ingredients that make up our products are historically known for their healing, soothing and beautifying properties, which has inspired and informed our product development since Fernberry's launch.

Are Fernberry products tested on animals?

Never. We are proud to have a signed agreement with PETA to use their official 'Cruelty-Free' bunny logo. All of our ingredients are animal-friendly, sustainable and ethically sourced. Fernberry cares!

Is Hyaluronic Acid natural?

Yes, it occurs naturally in our bodies and therefore it is completely safe.

Learn more about Hyaluronic Acid here (link)

Does your body scrub contain micro beads?

No. We will never use micro beads in any of our products because they are so harmful to marine life and the environment we care so much about.

Our daily body scrub only contains sea salt, which is 100% safe because it comes from the ocean.

How does your money-back guarantee work?

We're confident that you will love your luxury Fernberry experience, but if for any reason you're not happy, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Just send back your product within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a refund, no questions asked.

* At this time, we are unable to offer free return shipping or a refund of your original shipping and handling fees (if applicable).

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we send Fernberry to customers all over the world. You can see specific shipping information for your country HERE. (link)

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