Fernberry has well-established roots in the beauty industry. After

leaving university with a degree in chemistry, Fern worked her way

up in her family's Hong Kong-based manufacturing company,

where she learnt the principles of producing successful beauty

products for global brands such as La Mer, X and X.

It is this experience that inspired Fern to formulate the innovative

beauty products that make the Fernberry range. Our replenishing

lip conditioner, softening hand cream, ultra-fine daily body scrub

and conditioning foot cream contain only the purest, natural ingre-

dients from Japan. They have all undergone meticulous testing

before being made available to our loyal customers.


As an experienced chemist, Fern slowly and carefully designs each one

of our unique formulation to ensure that she creates the highest quali-

ty product possible.

In harmony with the Slow Movement, Fern's approach to product de-

velopment achieves a more meaningful connection with you, our cus-

tomers, and the powerful natural ingredients from untouched rural

lands of Japan.

Creating effective and safe products are a priority for Fernberry, which

is why we extend our range one incredible beauty product at a time.

This is not the industry norm, however. Some beauty companies use

existing formulations from other manufacturers, and brand them as

their own. Fernberry believes in quality over quantity, meaning we

carefully select every ingredient that goes into our products. This is

what makes them so special.